Chris loves independent living

Chris is relishing having his own space and living independently in his new apartment at Minda Brighton. Chris chose a one-bedroom apartment in the new apartment building on Bonython Way.

A further 65 people transitioned into accommodation based on their choice of where they wanted to live, who they wanted to live with and how they wanted to live their lives.

Having previously lived in some of the old congregate dwellings at Brighton and in the community before that, Chris says his new apartment is by far “the best”.

“My favourite thing is having space to myself,” Chris says. “Before the move I was really looking forward to living in my own place and being independent. The apartments are good because I’ve got my own space, but there’s other people around for socialising too.”

Chris has two budgerigars in his apartment, Hamish and Jack, and he especially likes the view from his apartment balcony.

“From my balcony, I can see a bit of the ocean, I can see planes taking off, I can see the Grand at Glenelg,” he says. “Living here has made me happier.”

Minda’s allied health team, Southern Disability Support (SDS) played a crucial role in preparing people for the move.