Waste not want not

Minda is setting the benchmark when it comes to the environmental management of the Master Plan and the demolition of existing accommodation blocks had seen nearly 95% of materials recycled for re-use rather than ending up in landfill.

“Our old ward-style accommodation blocks needed to be replaced, but we have wanted to do it in an environmentally responsible way. It has been very pleasing to see building materials recycled, which includes concrete, steel and other building materials to be used again,” Cathy says.

Under EPA and local council guidance there has also been has also been around 1,700 cubic metres of sand redeposited to the dunes to help combat natural erosion of the primary dune system.

Native revegetation initiatives have also helped to enhance and rehabilitate the secondary dune system, with the introduction of wetlands.

More than 80% of the Brighton site will be retained as open space, and as part of Minda’s commitment to preserving and maintaining the natural heritage value there is a well-established program in place to monitor and maintain significant and regulated trees and other plantings.

Sand being redeposited onto the primary dune in 2017