Lodging a Complaint

Minda will respond to all complaints in a confidential, effective, and timely manner. To protect the rights and privacy of tenants and staff, we may not be able to tell the tenant(s) the result of the investigation if it involves others.

Complaints can be lodged online, in person, over the phone or by email.

Tenants and applicants are encouraged to use the formal feedback process to express any comments, compliments or complaints.

It is important as much information as possible about the complaint is provided. Anonymous complaints are only investigated in special circumstances.

The Feedback (Complaints Form) can be lodged to our Complaints Officer online here and will be provided to the Minda Housing Manager to provide a response. Alternatively, complaints may be lodged by tenants through the Supported Independent Living Manager in person, online or over the phone.

We will send the tenant or applicant making the complaint a letter to let them know we received the complaint and that we will start investigating it. We may need to contact the tenant or applicant if we need more information.

All complaints will be reviewed independently and all information available at the time of complaint will be considered.

Following the investigation, a formal response will be forwarded to the tenant or applicant in writing (generally within 15 working days of receipt of the complaint) with the exception of complaints regarding privacy issues, where a response will be forwarded within 60 days informing the tenant(s) or applicant of the outcome and explaining the reason(s) for any decision.

Additional information is available on the NRSCH website.