No Power?

Perhaps the safety switch has been activated. 

Reset the safety switch in the fuse/meter box. 

Perhaps one of your appliances is faulty (for example, your fridge). 

Turn off the power points and unplug all the appliances in the house. 
Reset the safety switch in the fuse/meter box. 
Plug in the fridge (or other appliance) and turn on the powerpoint. 
If the safety switch clicks off again, you know the problem is the appliance, which needs repair. 
If not, test another appliance in the same manner and continue the process until the problem is identified 

* Note if you call out an electrician and your appliance is at fault, you will be invoiced for the call-out charges 

If none of these tests fix your problem perhaps your street is suffering a temporary interruption or fault. 

Check SA Power Networks Outage Map 

Lights and Powerpoints now working?

Has the safety switch been activated? 

Reset the safety switch in the fuse/meter box. 

You may have a blown light bulb 

Replace the light bulb and try the light again. 

You may have a faulty appliance. 

Try plugging the appliance into a different power socket. If it still does not work, the appliance is most likely broken. 

No hot water?

Did you remember to arrange your Gas/Electricity supply company when you moved? 

In most cases there is a powerpoint located at the hot water system, check this has been turned on. 

If you have an electric system: 

Ensure that the safety switch in the fuse/meter box is engaged. 

Blocked sink and shower?

Report a major blockage to your property manager. However, if your sink or shower takes a long time to drain: 

Try using bicarb soda & vinegar or similar product to free the blockage. 

Remove old food from the kitchen outlet and pour boiling water down the drain. 

Never put fat and oil into a drain as this clogs up the pipes.

Tap will not turn off?

If a tap won’t turn off and water is gushing go to the mains which are usually situated near the garden tap. 

Turn off the mains tap here and call the office or the urgent maintenance phone number if outside business hours. 

Stove element not working?

Electric stove 

Ensure the isolation switch is on, this is generally found on the kitchen splashback.  

Ensure electricity has been connected to the property. 

Gas stove 

Ensure the isolation switch is on, this is generally found on the kitchen splashback.  

The gas igniter may be obstructed. Ensure the element is correctly positioned on the stove top. 

Garage remote not working?

The remote control batteries may be flat. 

Try a new set of batteries in the remote control.  

Check that the garage door is in ‘auto’ as opposed to ‘manual’  

The doors will not close if anything is in the way.  Check that nothing obstructs the doors. 

Air Conditioning, heating or cooling not working?

The unit may need to be reset. 

Turn off at the switch and unplug – leave 5 mins to plug back in should reset. 
Check the batteries in the remote. 

Smoke Detector beeping?

If your smoke detector is beeping, it is usually an indication the battery is low or that the unit has an issue. If the latter is the case, please submit your request immediately.