Your Community

Minda Housing actively encourages tenants to get involved in shaping the delivery of housing through participation and consultation.

Tenant participation aims to build partnerships between tenants and Minda Housing to:

  • Improve the skills, knowledge and ultimately, the quality of life of our tenants
  • Support and strengthen communities
  • Improve the way housing is delivered and managed.

Tenant Groups
Minda Housing encourages tenants to form tenant groups within their community, or in their unit or apartment complex. We assist in setting the groups up, arranging morning or afternoon tea, and even setting up tenant-run market stalls where tenants can sell their produce, including arts and crafts.

Social Events and Activities
Minda Housing provides a social event calendar over all areas of operation which includes activities to encourage tenant involvement and social inclusion. We offer a wide range of social and recreational activities such as craft groups, hobby groups, computer classes, BBQs, luncheons, bus trips, picnics and more.

These programs and activities, combined with educational programs about health and active living create opportunities for tenants to have healthier and happier lives.